It’s called time

I would stop time at 4 p.m. because my job here at Street Sense closes at
4 p.m.

I believe no man or woman can slow down time — at least not here on God’s good, green Earth.

But you call it a creative writing prompt. Time?

Writing about time brings me back. I remember how we used to have a Christmas party every year at Street Sense and how we’d all get together for some good food. One of my favorite foods is pizza. I also like hot dogs. And yes, before anyone asks, I sat down when I ate at the party and I wasn’t standing up eating my food. And yes, I washed my hands clean before I ate my food. I remember eating a nice hot slice of pizza here.

It tasted so good, Will. You ought to try it yourself. This memory has stayed with me for many years. Thank you Will and Maria for your work with our writers group.

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