They have to choose

Photo shows a crowd of Trump supporters breaking into the US capitol on the day of the insurrection, with policemen trying to keep the crowd contained

Insurrection at the US Capitol on Jan. 6. Photo by Ben Burgess

January 6 was a breach, a deviation, defiance of the right to freedom of speech, the laws of the land, and the constitution of the United States. The “Proud Boys,” whom former President Trump told to “stand back and stand by,” are outside of all of that. They attempted an insurrection in the United States capitol. We are better than that! They wreaked havoc, and fortunately they lost.

Now, we know how the Native Americans feel, and the African Americans slaves felt. They had reason to rebel, but these few perpetrators of a failed coup d’etat have no validity. They had the support, underwriting and permits to stage an event on D.C. soil, compliments of the “swamp drainer.”

In weaker democracies, we know what would have happened. The military would resolve it and announce a change of government on the radio. We also know that if Black Americans had mobbed Congress, there would have been mayhem, death and blood running in streets across the city. Such double standards, all based on the color of the skin of the guilty, criminalized before birth. How sad. Killed before being born Black. 

We know 74 million people voted for the big bad Democrat. We also know the white mindset rejected the election outcome and propelled severe — and lethal — disobedience. 

My community is Black people and other ethnicities not seen as “white” — or just plain old American. The pawns of white fear were grossly manipulated by the might of out of sight, and the insanity of heartless power. We know what it is. The rest of the non-colored have to decide whether to stand by that way of life, or make a complete U-turn. In 1969, Federal Bureau of Investigation director J. Edgar Hoover declared the Black Panthers to be America’s greatest threat to internal security. Now, it is his kind, riding ignorance and fear. The white power face of Dixie cannot look away from that place. It is fake and they need to turn cable television off, no recording necessary.

Get over it and find humanity. 

Destroy America, and you destroy yourself.

Angie Whitehurst is an artist and vendor with Street Sense Media.

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