I don’t like this virus

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Courtesy of Eugene Simion

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The tension in this city is about to be bad. People are looking at you, and walking like you got something wrong with you. It just makes me mad. I don’t like this situation. I don’t like it.

My life is ruined because of it. I’m not able to get around like I’m used to. A lot of people ain’t out and about either. It’s hard. Period.

The only difference where I stay at is I can’t have nobody come over to do my hair or take me places. Like, for instance, my nurse — she can’t take me out for activities.

There’s a lot of people who I sell papers to normally. But they ain’t been around because of this. Everybody’s spread out. There’s only one lady I see on a regular basis. She don’t live that far from me. She gave me some money last week. 

I’m not worried about catching the virus, just when this problem is gonna come to an end so I can go and get my hair fixed and go shop.

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