How we can help the homeless during the cold months

If you would like to know how to help the homeless during the winter here are some ideas for making the greatest impact.

How can we help street vendors staying out cold so they don’t get sick?

Donate blankets and find space for the homeless people and make sure they have a place to stay in the shelter.
Donate warm clothes, socks and blankets. Donate food, including leftovers. Call 311 when you see someone in danger.
If you are homeless, wear multiple socks on cold nights, keeping your feet and lower legs warm. Protection from cold wind is essential.
You could also try foam pieces or blankets between your warm legs. Newspaper and plastic bags also work well.

Tips for staying warm and getting better sleep.

Use a space heater if you don’t have central heating.
Use a hot water bottle or electric pocket.
Layer up.
Drink warm hot tea.
Stuff clothing into the bottom of your bag. Use the night sleeping pad. Buy a sleeping bag for sleeping outside.
Make sure you go to bed with dry socks on.

How do homeless people make it through the winter in cold places?

People experiencing homelessness survive by sleeping in emergency shelters.

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