How I Learned to Walk

Tela Chhe/Flickr

To quote Bill Cosby, “I started out as a child*”: swimming, doggy paddling, kicking, exploring the boundaries within the transition of this waystation between Bardo states.

Then comes the emergency drill (everyone out of the gene pool!!!). There is a pushing, a pulling, a jostling, a binding, lights, noise … What happened to the peace and quiet?


Awful stink.

“I no like this.”

All of a sudden I feel good, then pain below. I really no like this. Me open mouth, close eyes and YELL. Blind, deaf, but me no dumb, me YELL!!!

Later: crawling, crawling mistake. YELL! Crawling. crawling mistake. YELL. Crawling, YELL —

[time out for a commercial]

Everyone was crying. The others wearing blue and white were crying. The big container was crying, even the pretty winged thing eating clothes was crying.  Even the one they call Mommy was crying.

Container states question,“You ever see a moth bawl?”

Only a mother …

(to be continued)
*Technically I am a potential neonate.

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