How I Get Through the Winter

Photo of a pair of socks.


Everyone has various ways and methods of surviving the hard, cold winter. Prayer is at the top of my list. I pray it doesn’t become too cold and for clothing to help me stay warm.  

I live in a homemade hut of plywood boards and corrugated plastic cardboard.  

To keep warm inside there, I have a small piece of cardboard and chopped and cut-up straw debris mixed with cardboard inside a tin can. I use alcohol for the burning fuel. I make sure the fire is small and under control. I put the fire out immediately when I don’t need it.  

I have a sleeping bag and before going to sleep I use extra layers of blankets to stay warm. 

I use extra layers of clothing to keep the heat inside my body before stepping outside to travel longer distances. Sometimes people donate socks, hand warmers, and blankets to make sure I stay warm. 

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