Housing hassles

V= Very much needed
O= On its way, please
U= Uniting
C= Coming soon
H= Home sweet home
E= Eagerly awaiting
R= Roaming no more
S= Securing a home

Housing vouchers are given out by the government to homeless individuals (also some people who are not homeless) in assisting them financially with being able to pay rent, when they get a home to live in. For some with no income at all, the vouchers that may be awarded to them will pay the entirety of the rent. However, for some – depending on their income – they might pay 30% of their income with the voucher added to help pay the rent. I wrote this acrostic poem about the voucher system for fun.
However, when working with government officials in obtaining a voucher, it’s really, in many cases, a long, hard, drawn-out process. In a lot of cases, it’s stressful, creates anxiety and pressure for people experiencing homelessness to have to deal with.

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.