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photo of the wheelchair basketball game during 2016 Rio olympics

photo of wheelchair basketball game during 2016 Rio olympics. photo courtesy of Andreas Joneck/DBS

I’m looking to see the warmer weather happenin’ and I’m waiting for the pandemic to be over. We’ll be able to play wheelchair basketball again. My goal is to one day open my own business. 

It’s important for everyone to be able to get out safely, especially kids. The kids want to come out and play and do the things they  were doing in the past, like going to the zoo, playing in the playground, and going to the ice cream shop. 

I got grand nieces and grand nephews who want to play outside. Not only them, but everybody’s kids. 

Some kids, they want to know why I’m in a wheelchair. They ask some tough questions. They want to know about my disability. 

You have to be ready for them when it comes: “Why you in the wheelchair?” “Why do you choose to play wheelchair basketball?” 

I say, “Look, I play because I love it. I play so we can make a difference in the kids’ lives and in the adults’ lives and for all the disabled people who have never seen the wheelchair basketball. Not only here, but around the world.”

D.C.’s National Wheelchair Basketball Association team, the MedStar NRH Punishers, is incredible. We’re ranked third in the nation! I pray that one day soon it will make a difference in my life and in other disabled people’s lives here  and all over the world. 

But for now, I’m dealing with my housing. I appreciate everything Street Sense Media does for me, especially the case managers. Also the social workers of the D.C. housing department and Green Door, and the mayor of D.C. They’re my other team.  

Mamba out.

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