Homelessness Through a Child’s Eyes

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What is homelessness? Homelessness is an outcome of life because it can happen to anyone. What do I mean when I say anyone? I mean it can happen to anyone, even someone with a beautiful home. 

It can happen many different ways. One way is you can get sick and have money to go to the hospital and you have to pay your bill and that could be your rent money. Also your house can catch fire and you have no place to go. Another reason is that you can live with a family member. That’s considered being homeless because you have no place of your own to live. See people don’t always get put out on the street because of no rent.  

The homeless can help themselves by trying to find a good job. Another way is that you can ask a friend or family to loan you some money to start a business. Just because you are homeless doesn’t mean you can act homeless. So try to help yourself and don’t rely on the local shelter. Depend on yourself sometimes. 

Some people make fun of homeless people because they look dirty and stinky, but think if you were homeless? Would you want someone to tease you? Or would you want someone to tease you? Or would you want someone to encourage you and help you along the way? We should stop teasing them and start helping them. Since I talked about helping, here are some ways you can help: donate food, donate clothes or help out at a shelter. 

Grade 6 

Living on the streets isn’t cool at all, 

What are you suppose to do in the winter or fall. 

Struggling trying to survive and get around, 

Every night sleeping under a bridge or tree or sleeping on the ground. 

On the streets is not joke to play, 

What if a storm comes? You will be blown away. 

Where is the water and food coming from? 

You’re going to walk around begging until your time is done. 

An important thing is to stay in school, 

On the streets, that’s not cool. 

You do what you want to do, be somebody, 

Before you end up on the street like my friend Bobby. 

Grow up to have a job, make money get a house. 

Or would you rather be poor with a roommate who’s a mouse? 

When I say room in roommate, I mean outside, 

Bugs, birds, and nasty flies. 

Now its time to wrap this up, 

I’m running out of rhymes, this is enough. 

Just look back at this poem and what I’m trying to say, 

If you don’t believe in being successful, believe in God and pray. 


Grade 9 

Homelessness is when you do not have a home. When you are homeless, you can be homeless for days, months or years. The amount of people that are homeless is about three million. 


People are homeless for a lot of reasons. One reason is that homes cost a lot of money to live in. The second reason is that sometimes people do not make enough money to pay for a home. The third reason is sometimes people cannot get help. 


Children face many problems because of homelessness. One problem is that they don’t have enough money to buy their lunches. If they go to elementary school they will not have a lot of stuff like the other children and people will make fun of them. They will not always be able to bring their friend over because they don’t have their own home. 


I can help homeless people by being their friend and they could come over to my home. If I had two homes, I would let them rent one for $50 a month, and help them pay for the furniture and food. I will also give them clothing and blankets to sleep on. 


Anyone can become homless and the reason for that is sad to me. I care about them but it is some of their fault. Like I was saying, I care about these people and one day they will be rich like some of us. 


Grade 4 


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