Homeless entertainer

You are not alone —
It’s many of us who do not have a home
A place of our own to store our things
And prepare great meals

Being a “homeless entertainer” is a major deal!
See, the odds are against you and the money has not dropped—
To be creative and witty and never be stopped

See what goes up, must come down
To lose all your belongings and
Still get off the ground

To create a character, nobody can resist —
What God did for Tyler Perry is every homeless man’s wish
Now, didn’t you watch that movie “Hitch?”

If I had Will Smith’s money ($350 million net)
My whole city would be rich

Poverty provokes habits
That the unfortunate partake

Not everybody gets a voucher
17 years, I had to wait

Well, a few of my friends ponder my fate
Tomorrow’s not promised —
Nobody knows their date

To nod off on the train
Just to handle the pain

It’s too hot
It’s too cold
Can’t nobody explain

No pot to piss in
And no money to exchange
To wash your body and lock your door

People take it for granted
So what we need is more powerful, political Tylers
Undisputed by the Smiths

To manifest life — God’s greatest gift
To set a dream with a stone
To fly over the storm
To show us who you are

It’s not where you’ve been
And it’s not where you’re from
“A homeless entertainer” is more than a bum

Now karma is a wheel and love is just a meal
The ups and downs of life’s rolling hills
Now, don’t give up

It’s not too late
God put us here, we just have to wait
MLK had a vision that Malcolm forsaked
Left eye was too late and Aaliyah

Never dreamed “Rock the Boat”
Was her last scene

Homelessness is a label people
Judge by its cover —
Don’t write a book “Mango” can’t nobody discover

Life is a journey,
And entertainers come a dime a dozen
I wish I should, of could of

I wish I really wasn’t

True story — My girlfriend got evicted
April 11, 2018
The next day she overdosed

This poem is dedicated to Crystal who died on April 13, 2018. And to my closest friends who I loved and lost.

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