Here’s what the Democrats must do to win in the midterm elections

If the Democrats hope to win the 2022 midterms, unlike Obama’s first-term midterm massacre in 2010, they must talk about their message. Their message is the passing of the American Rescue Plan. It saved countless businesses and individuals who were struggling due to the pandemic. People should not be so quick to forget about the stimulus checks and PPP loans they received.

The Democrats should also talk about the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. This was a bipartisan deal, brokered by the Biden administration, that will support America’s economy, which depends on bridges and highways to allow commerce. 

Furthermore, let’s not forget about the appointment and confirmation of judges to diversify the courts. Biden has 90 judicial nominees, which shows he’s working hard to diversify the system.

Unemployment is also at a low, and Democrats must talk about that. They should also talk about the suspension of federal student loan programs and the extension of payment deferrals.

It should also be noted that COVID-19 has been somewhat contained under the Biden administration. For example, infections are down nationwide. Hospitalizations are down, too. And more Americans have received three doses of the vaccine than before.

In summary, the Democrats have a lot of accomplishments, but the picture is not all rosy for them. In order to win the upcoming elections, they need to get their message out. 

Michael Warner is a vendor with Street Sense Media. 

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