Hello spring?

Spring is here, we think, right? Through the fall and winter of snowstorms and cold days, spring days are coming. We know we are in the stage of cold and warm days now, but we are in March and those spring days are coming. We can’t wait for those bright cool days, where the trees become full with flowers blossoming, especially those pretty cherry blossoms sprouting into life, becoming their own and drawing us into their awe. We can’t wait for warmer weather, wearing our spring clothes and our sandals and flip-flops. Those nice walks to the park, exercising through the nice winds, bright skies stay out longer, birds chirping from out yonder, seeing more and more beautiful days, filled with the sun rays and white clouds. Spring is here and even though it may not feel like it. It will be changing into its full beauty overtime with rainy days, cold nights into beautiful mornings and warm nights. We thank the winter for what it has brought because those bare trees and cold days will change into full vibratious trees and beautiful warm skies. So, let’s get ready for Spring to come because we can’t wait for what’s in store!

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