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Michael Warner

As I reflect on the civil rights movement, Americans today are facing similar challenges. The right to vote is being challenged all across our great land to limit access to the polls. In 2016, 14 states will have new voting restrictions in place for the first time in a presidential election. The new laws range from strict photo ID requirement to early voting cutbacks to registration restrictions. One of these 14 states is New Hampshire, where I serve as a deputy canvassing director. My role is recruiting canvassers to knock on doors in NH as part of the Planned Parenthood Votes ground operation. Rolling Stone even wrote an article about us titled “Inside Planned Parenthood’s $30 Million Ground War to Stop Trump-Pence.”

Since arriving in New Hampshire in August, my team has organized a sophisticated ground operation to get out the vote. What’s at stake? Women’s reproductive rights are being curtailed and outright outlawed. Politicians want to restrict abortion rights and overturn Roe v. Wade.

Election Day is November 8! Please vote. John F. Kennedy said “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

On a personal note, many of you helped me along the way to New Hampshire by encouraging me to succeed and empowering me to overcome obstacles. Thank you sincerely to all of my friends in Tenleytown and Bethesda!

Miss you all.

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