Greater DC Diaper Bank launches ‘Wipeout Summer’ donation campaign

Two women smile and hold a child.

The Greater D.C. Diaper Bank’s Wipeout campaign aims to provide baby care necessities and hygiene products at no cost as inflation erodes many families’ ability to purchase diapers, wipes, baby formula and more. Photo courtesy of Greater D.C. Diaper Bank.

The Greater DC Diaper Bank is launching its annual donation drive and fundraiser this summer and hopes to raise $5,000 worth of wipes through its campaign model “Give 5, Ask 5, High 5.” The “Give 5, Ask 5, High 5,” campaign asks residents in D.C., Maryland and Virginia to donate $5 or buy and donate five packs of wipes, and to inform five people about the donation opportunity or the work of the diaper bank in general. 

Last year, it distributed $61,875 worth of wipes amounting to approximately 8,124 pounds. In addition to baby wipes, the 12-year-old D.C. nonprofit distributes diapers, wipes, baby formula, period products, breastfeeding supplies and other hygiene essentials to families and individuals in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. 

As the prices of child care necessities continue to rise due to inflation, diaper banks are becoming a source of support for parents struggling to afford diapers, wipes and baby formula. In March, D.C. Councilmember Christina Henderson introduced the Diaper Affordability and Access Act of 2022 which provides a monthly $100 supplemental benefit to families enrolled in the Temporary and Needy Families Program with a child under age three. The bill is still being reviewed by a committee prior to being voted on. 

As a result, many diaper banks have become a source of support for families, offering diapers, wipes, baby formula at no cost. The Greater D.C. Diaper Bank is no exception — donating around 50 pounds of wipes to their partners, or clients. 

“We rely on community donations to stock our baby pantry. About 95% of those items are donated so we’re asking for wipes to ensure our partners continue to have what they need to serve their clients,” Greater DC Diaper Bank Program Manager Kirsten Davis said in the press release. “Right now, each partner receives approximately 50 pounds of wipes per month and we want to continue being a reliable source for these items.”

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