Good news for seniors

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Being a senior citizen without a lot of money is a serious problem. If you want to work, will you be physically able on a regular basis? Would a possible employer be reluctant to hire you, believing the stress of holding a job would be too much for you? Maybe you could work part time, but are any part-time jobs available?

Many times, seniors must choose between buying medications they need or buying groceries.

Luckily, D.C.’s Department of Health is trying to help older people get at least some of the services they need.

If you are an older person and have registered with the DOH, they will help you pay for some groceries. You can go to many food markets in locations throughout the city if you meet the financial qualifications.

Also, new legislation passed by the D.C. Council this year funds basic dental services for older people whose yearly income is below $100,000.

If you are interested in either or both programs, call the DOH to find out how to register and receive your card. You can also call the mayor’s call center at 311 and ask to be connected to this service and others the District provides.

Gwynette Smith is an artist and vendor with Street Sense Media.

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