Giving Thanks


I want to give thanks to a wonderful man named Mr. Basnight, who pulled me out of shell that I have built for years and teaching me how to re-live life through Jesus Christ son of God. For years I would set it or literally plan out a vengeance against anyone that hurt me or my children. Since meeting Mr. Basnight I would discuss to him about how I was feeling that day. Which, I never discussed anything with anyone about what I was going to do, of course, within the law. The interesting thing is that my own mother used to tell me that I’m sometime very vengeful towards anyone that hurts me. I always thought she was so wrong about me being vengeful. I called it justice because I never went jailed or prison for vengeance. But, I did notice during my life that I was missing plethora of opportunities/blessings in my life. I do believe that God speaks through other people to give them a message. It doesn’t matter how old that person is as long as they can speak to you and you understand exactly what they are saying to you. I proceeded to tell Mr. Basnight how this womI am sure some folks, because Lord I do, also take the advantage of waking up every morning to forget to say “Thank You Jesus, God, or my Universe of my understanding that I have another day to complete whatever I need to do today.” I need to thank my children-even though one is 18 years old in her first year of college and my son who is 21 years who finally made the decision to return back to college-to say to both of my children, “Thank you for giving me the wonderful memories of the funny and bad times while you were growing up and educating me in more ways than I can count during their early and high school years.”

an in the shelter was threatening me and trying to provoke me into an argument. So, I told Mr. Basnight I was going to court on Indiana Avenue and place an order against her for bullying me. Bullying is against the law. Mr. Basnight told me that I shouldn’t go to court because he said to me “Vengeance is not mine, but God’s vengeance”. That I needed to start praying for those kinds of people and to move on what God has planned for me on Earth. I might not know what God’s plan is for me at this moment. But, I do know I started a plan of God’s choosing by me going back to school in my late forties to finish with a graduate degree in my early 50s with abundance of student loans. So, I have to give thanks to people like Mr. Basnight and the wonderful people who have touched my life since I’ve become homeless and to always to Give thanks to God for waking me up this morning. To give me another day to start a new way of living.

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