Giving Thanks

Dan Pezzola

Scott Lovell

I am very thankful as a Street Sense vendor to meet all types of people

This is one of my favorite groups I am thankful for this year: The Catholic University College Ministries. They are a group of students that go on food runs once a week to feed the homeless. The university’s dinning services donates 60 hot meals and water to the homeless each week.

Dan Pezzola is one of the students that comes out each week. He started going out on food runs his first semester at CUA, and has been doing it every since. He says he fell in love with it, even though he did it to get some time off campus. Last year, he became a student leader . He said that was an honor to him. He said one of his friends was me. He met me at the Farragut North Metro stop. He said I was one of those people that could hold a conversation for hours to talk about sports, politics, news, life, and homelessness. We have begun an amazing relationship. He says I am one of the reasons he keeps coming back. He sees me there rain or shine. I always have a smile on my face. He says I am like a celebrity at the Metro, since many people who pass by grab a paper. He says I have an impact on everyone he talks to. And that I make sure to speak to all the students on the food run. He said he is truly blessed that his school gave him the opportunity to meet people like me on the streets. He said he thanks God every day for the opportunity to meet people like me and people on the street. It has definitely made an impact on the way he lives.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to meet people like Dan and the other students on the food run.n the food run.

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