Gecko’s Last Supper

A photo of Garfield, the Geico Gecko, and Ken sitting at a wooden table.

Parody photo. Archive image

This article is from Street Sense’s special April Fool’s Edition.

A happy home for a cat, who likes lasagna, and also for a gecko who may, or may not, have liked pasta, but had a very interesting English accent, and green skin, and little beady gecko eyes. 

I was working in the newspaper office one day, when I saw Garfield the cat and the Geico Gecko. I was wondering why they were at the office. They said they were homeless and they needed work and a place to live. 

When I talked to them I said I would train them. I did tell Garfield I would take him as a pet. The other vendors tried to tell me not to take the cat home because he may eat me out of house and home. The Gecko was too small to be a vendor but I said I would help him out. 

The year went by fast and I thank the people, but I do have bad news: the Gecko got stepped on. Tragically, he did not survive. The good news is Garfield is a happy kitty. 

Oh, and one more thing: APRIL FOOL!  

Ken has been a vendor for a year and he likes swimming in the Reflecting Pool on the fifth Tuesday of the month. 

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