From the Mitten to Maryland part III

Week three in the DMV was chaotic. The man I stayed in with came home intoxicated. I had my own tent given to me by a local center, and the man held me over the overpass and threatened my life. By the Grace of God, I was saved. This again allowed me to lean on the Lord for everything as my suitcase was all I had left. I went to the local day center and took my vehicle back to Maryland. I would stay in Maryland and drive to D.C. this whole week for food and shelter services. Church and my van were all I had left.
I was forced to give my dog Buffy a better home, so I took her to the 24-hour vet in D.C. He gave her an exam for free and found out she is going to have pups as I suspected. I can’t have my baby having puppies in the cold. I did the hardest thing in my life. I gave my dog, which me and my children had for three years, to a better home. The owner, God bless her, worked in the clinic with the vet and Buffy absolutely loved her and was attached to her when we were there. The Lord spoke to me about her care, and doing what was right even when it was hard.
The final day I stayed here, I was carjacked and sexually assaulted. Multiple men against one woman, however, I did break one man’s jaw in the process, but my car was taken and found a week later. The room I was staying in in was nasty had trash blankets and a nasty pillow covered in bodily fluids, a broken window and I was locked in from the outside of my door. By the grace of God, my pastor found my vehicle, knew I was staying in it, and called it missing. That morning I was let go. I called my preacher to tell him what had happened and why I wasn’t around, and he said he was looking after me and he knew it was in a strange area.
That morning I spent all day and night going through a very intense program. I went through the initial report with the police, to the special victim’s crime report, to the sexual assault testing which takes four hours and is very intense. By the time I made it to a safe place it was 2 a.m. the next morning and I was ready to just sleep. I ended up in a women’s shelter in Maryland. This shelter was probably the best out of any I have been to. But I had to travel by bus and train now, and I wasn’t familiar with our routes, so I got lost and missed my curfew, so I lost my bed.
This again left me in tears, and in doubt. It seemed as though every corner I tried to get stabilized and ahead on, things got shut down. The Lord allowed me to start realizing things about myself. That I needed to start making more time for me and my family and that I needed to start preparing to go back home. The Lord helped me humble myself as I for the first time in my life had to beg for a warm place to stay in New Carlton. I ended up staying the night in a hotel with two men and getting into a mess that I didn’t want to be into.
I ended up getting a vacated empty apartment from a local complex and keeping warm in it for this week. I was thankful that the man did that for me, as it rained for several days, and snowed recently.

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