Freelancing, Part 1

Freelancing is the only work where you get paid for you curiosity. Remembering you deserve to be paid well and for your curiosity too. You’ve got only yourself to rely on when trying to come up with a catchy headline. Most freelancer work about ten publications write at least four articles a month, and bring in 5k a month-the chances are that you won’t have say, one article due every Tuesday at noon.

Speaking from my personal experience, I know I go to writers group at street sense every wednesday at 10:30, and then I’ll hand in or I’ll hand in on a Friday.

There is no such thing as a bi-weekly pay check, but I get papers while I sell to make profit on my article. The work is hard and you have to be self-disciplined. All the time you’re selling yourself. I can write about this or I can have discovered the best story ideas are the ones where I am full of curiosity. I always try something new to pitch, so my mind has to be constantly open to ideas.

Everyone knows it takes money to make money. Freelancing is not a full time job. Writing pitch (query) letters and having a good resume definitely helps: I prefer writing because you don’t have to give in but one article a fortnight. A lot of times I’ll just go to a news stand and just spend time looking through magazines and newspapers for ideas. I get along with my editors “Eric Falquero.” Sometimes, I’ll call him to ask him if he liked a piece. A respectable shout out to chcf editor “Mary Otto,” who is currently on leave writing a good book. I try to make sure anything I write on I feel passionate about.

I don’t have a life on the web, but I know HTML. I studied information technology in Lender. I have business cards, because freelancers for Street Sense need business cards. My office is pretty much a pen and a writing pad, a phone, the library and a park bench, as well as my home, where I have a computer.

My storage spaces are my bookshelves and I also keep track of my newspaper sales. I have a library of reference books that help me write. I have no subscriptions, “that’s what the library is for,” and I am not a member of any professional organizations. Although in England, I

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