Fox News is watered-down conservativism. It’s time for hard liquor governing. 

I rarely watch cable news, but occasionally I watch Fox. Outside of Tucker Carlson, Fox News to me is no different than CNN and MSNBC. They all say the same thing: Donald Trump is bad and anyone that questions Joe Biden’s legitimacy is an ultra-MAGA.

As we approach the midterms, it’s obvious Americans have had enough of anything that has Democrats attached to it. But you wouldn’t know it watching Fox News, with its cast of weak, cowardly, go-along-to-get-along conservatives. Fox has a conservative version of the View, called the Five, with liberal guests such as Geraldo Rivera and Democratic strategist Marie Harf talking about finding common ground and unity. 

This is where I grab my remote and click them off. Compromise on what? Free people can never submit to the gospel of government. 

I was born to make my own choices, not have a panel of experts and managers make them for me. I was poor, lived on bologna sandwiches and noodles. I got out of poverty when I stopped listening to well-meaning liberals. If you disagree with that statement, call the NAACP, march, protest and cry your eyes out.

Republicans need to stop feeding into the left’s victimhood ideology and tell their viewers that socialism is not for Americans. This nation is built on grit, determination and pulling yourself up. 

The Civil Rights Act outlawed racism nearly sixty years ago, America doesn’t discriminate against anyone. We have a Black vice president, Black press secretary, two Black judges on the Supreme Court, two Black senators from southern states, black mayors, black police chiefs and black educators. 

The same goes for guns. Why are feckless Conservatives debating liberals on the Second Amendment? 

If politicians lowered gas prices, reduced crime and kept us out of war there would be no need for me to take up a weapon to defend my life, liberty and property. But when I have to come home every night to a drug dealer slinging dope on the corner, teenagers smashing windows and drug addicts breaking into my home, thank God for the Second Amendment. 

The right to bear arms is non-negotiable. Liberals want to defund police, and at the same time want policemen and the armed forces to be the only ones with weapons. Might as well move to Iran or China. The only reason America will never have socialism enter this great country is the revolver. 

Millions of Americans are not happy. Support is low for politicians of either party. Whether it’s Chuck Schumer or Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi or Kevin McCarthy, replacing career Democrats with career Republicans is like replacing MSNBC with Fox News. 

What America has is a Uni-party. Current leadership has run up our deficit on never-ending wars, both parties have flipped working Americans the middle finger by handing out money to Fortune 500 companies that did fine during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

While many Republicans are giddy that a red wave will change the direction of this country, I am skeptical. There should be a mutiny if I stand in line to vote Republican only to have Mitch McConell to be Senate Leader and Kevin McCarthy to be Speaker of the House.

A message to the GOP: The days of milquetoast Republicans such as Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney are over. What good is it to have power if you don’t wield it!

The first order of business should be to remove Biden either humanely by invoking the twenty fifth amendment, or if the Democrats want to be stubborn about it, bringing articles of impeachment. 

We need to obliterate the nanny state and refuse to raise the debt limit unless there are huge spending cuts. McConell and McCarthy need to be blocked from leadership. 

Neocon vs Neo-liberal is not an option. Globalism is good for the rich but not for Americans. We are not coming to make friends or reach across the aisle. We are put here to remove the poison known as Washington D.C. 

Jeffery McNeil is a vendor for Street Sense Media.

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