Fourth of July

Photo of a sparkler and an American flag being held

Photo by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash

The French general Jacques Guibert (1743-1790) helped us understand the origins of military thought, and I hope his ideas inspire all the homeless persons seeking employment on this great occasion. The Fourth of July should be about freedom as defined by General Guibert where his treatises describe universal laws that govern us all. The French general mentions a good soldier with good mathematical skills. He encourages the study of calculus following the models of Newton, Leibniz and D’Alembert. In addition, playing Sudoku is a good source of keeping the mind of the homeless person refreshed from money and the employment search. And indeed Sudoku is in Street Sense. Lastly, out of the mind of this good soldier, General Guibert made mobility on foot easier, boldness in conduct of operations (for example, no jaywalking in the city) and rapid thinking in the outdoors, all useful traits needed for the homeless persons in the streets. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!  

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