Fishing your way out of writer’s block

A fish on stones with grass in the background

Photo courtesy of Jeffery McNeil

I haven’t been writing, because I’ve taken time off to relax and fish.

I recently came back from the Jersey Shore, but the weather was rather rough. However, I wasn’t going to allow rough seas and rain to stop me. Bad weather can produce great catches, because the crabs and clams get swept on shore and the bigger fish follow them in.

When I go to New Jersey, my favorite places to fish are Point Pleasant, Manasquan River, or Barnegat.

I walk the beach looking for seagulls diving. When you see the water boiling, it usually means pelagic fish, such as bluefish, stripers, weakfish and albacore are beneath them.
The trick is to use something that pops or is flashy. Others use a treble hook, trying to snawg a shad; Mehadden or herring, just let it float.

I used a trick my dad taught me, which is to use gulp bait or Slug-Gos. I made a perfect cast, and in a minute whack, pole bent, the fish veered towards me. Then, when I was ready to real, my line smoked, it headed straight for the depths, so I did a pump and ran to pull him up. Striped bass have delicate mouths, so they’re very hard to catch without a net.

Heading back home to D.C., I saw the river was alive, so I stopped at Safeway to pick up shrimp and beef liver.

If you want to catch big blues and channels, I suggest beef liver, I prefer shrimp because stripers will pick up the shrimp.

While everyone loves fishing the Potomac, I love Rock Creek Park. It’s quiet and recreational.

However, you need bug spray, and don’t be surprised if you see wild animals such as foxes, raccoons and beavers if you are fishing at night. I discovered the most vicious are Canadian geese. If you stumble upon there chicks they were ram right into you.

I’m writing then I feel the bump the line starts peeling. Not a little on “big fish” he’s heading for the log, my line is too tight, and I don’t want it to snap. Goodness, gracious. Ten minutes and I’m fighting this river monster.

He still has fight when I’m tired, had enough and I get my net until he makes his final run.

She’s tired blood coming out her mouth and we let her fall to the ground, she starts flipping around as I gasp for a breather. A good day, I believe because of the rain the water temperature hasn’t risen that’s why there are so many big cats in the river but hopefully, when I go to New Jersey I can take pictures of a saltwater fish.

Whenever I have writer’s block, a good way to start writing is by fishing.

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