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Three images cropped side by side: an Instagram post showing police lights, a young woman in a black dress, and an MPD announcement.

Screenshots of how I was able to see anything about my sister that day. From left to right: an old photo from Bashment Link-up, an entertainment site with event photo archives from 2006-13; a release posted on MPD’s website; and a video posted by the Instagram account Killmoe News that had  been seen more than 30,000 times.  Collected by Sasha Williams. Content remains the copyright of the original websites.

Content warning: This story discusses trauma and violence.

I woke up to an unpleasant reality on Sunday, July 11.

My sister is gone
My sister 
her name is Vanessa

It’s shocking 

I don’t know who
I don’t know what 
and I don’t know why

The how is tragic

She got shot in the head 
Her brains blew out

It’s a lot for me 
I am having the motions of emotions
That is an unexpected loss

She was a daughter of our strong mother
She was a twin to my sister Valarie 
….and Valarie had been missing last year August 

It’s a lot going on but  Vanessa deserves justice

I agree it is wild 
I agree whoever and whatever
that this didn’t have to happen

She met her dad
He passed away when she an’ her twin were 15
She met our grandad on our mother’s side as well 
He passed away when he was younger

I have to say R.I.P to my sister

Dang though, the damage is done
I got to bury my sister — I don’t wish that on nobody
It’s tuff and it’s going to be ruff

I want justice for my sister
Whoever did this must  take responsibility 
for this tragic death

During this reality blow it’s a very humbling time for my family… so I also want to give some shout outs:

  • I want to say “Happy Birthday!” to my mom this cancer season.
  • Eboni finally got to eat her cake for doing her thing in school getting As on her report card!
Photo of a cake frosted with a rainbow decoration
Eboni’s cake. Photo courtesy of Sasha Williams

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