Feeling Alone

A man stands with his arms held apart, taking in the sunset.

Silhouette of Man Standing Beside Ocean during Sunset by Ali Naderi.

Feeling alone, shaky 

frigid Bones.

No one know my pain 

360 degree shades of gray 

and I must say 

As I walk through the valley 

of sadness and pain 

I shall not fear those Happy Days 

as I pray some day 

those dark clouds will fade away and 

the pain of past mistakes 

my enemies can’t chase. 

I treat with Love;

instead Love Slaps my face.

Feeling alone, but “Ol” frigid Bone still hanging

on to hope (Hope) Hope for what?

Better life, Love and Place to stay.

Hope for what? A better me 

a better you for some day 

the son gonna shine for a better view. 

So hold your head up 

so when the wind blows

your tears will dry and 

your struggles shall be at a distance.

Just don’t forget your feets and

pull down on defeats. 

Just to get here with true sight 

for now you see it was the rejected one’s

famous trials to make you think

that He does not exist.

Now it all on you to be true

to the one who really guided you through 

for those “Ol”’ frigid Bones

need worry no more:




        MY SON


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