Don’t bully me

Fresh off the press in the Street Sense paper! Dear God, do something, why are you bullying me? Don’t bully me, don’t hate on me. Just love me, because a bully is someone who picks on you, teases you, or just calls you names. The rapper said you should be nice! God says that showing kindness and love to your enemies and pray for those who despitefully use you. Just be nice my, my, my, you don’t have to teach a bully a lesson. The bully just said don’t hate on me it is true you just want to be me, or like me. Dear God, help me. The bully is about to kill me. Just said don’t hate on me call the police. I am about to call. Tell my enemies some bully asked for money, I will give you something to eat or something to drink. Just don’t bully me, just love, show some kind words.

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