Do You Hear that Black Snake Moan, Like I do?

The photo shows a beautiful poem book.


When my eyes squeeze shut
That swanny moon blazes
In my brain pan
My ears ring with the buzzin’
Guitars of Ikey ren–rut-
And the black snake moans.
When the oily mud splashed
And the heavy rain drops
Went plash–plash–plash
At that time I was completely free
Then I listened for the screech of hounds
The leg irons clamped on me
And the black snake moaned.
Now released, but no longer at liberty,
I roam your trash-strewn byways,
Yearning for the sixty-one hic-cup
But afraid of the law love Shaw
The lawless crown knows the game
I’m a pawn, who cannot evoke
the Mighty name of the
Black snake who moans
For me.

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