Division and Oppression

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This country took the strength of American Black people to a place of total evil just to try and save its mastery and control. 

Godfearing men were setting themselves free from godless slave masters after suffering countless crimes against humanity. And so, white supremacy was disguised to surreptitiously change the way we think, divide us, and demonize people of color. No, it’s not over yet. And it won’t be over until that same God comes to deliver us from these wolves in sheep’s clothing. 

When I went to try and get help for my family, I was denied because I don’t remember enough specifics about the traumas in my life to “prove” that I “deserve” helpAnd I thank God that I don’t rememberIt has taken a long time not to remember. I am blessed to no longer have any shame or guilt.  

I have a woman in my life who is a strong Black sister, that showed me how to love and trust our God. It’s all about not using my color. My God tells me He has my back. The first will be last and the last will be first. You will reap what you sow. 

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