Delays are set-ups for better things

I believe that Washington, D.C. can attract more visitors and prospective business owners and homeowners to the area because of its unique blend of cosmopolitan city culture and down-home Southern hospitality.
After returning to the city in November, 2020 I was elated to observe Mr. JR Robinson, the sous chef, complete his goal of opening a restaurant called Kitchen Cray. Mr. Robinson told me on July 30, 2014 told me that he intended to open a restaurant with this name. I was attending an event at the Trulia Building when I learned of Mr. Robinson– a young, intelligent and articulate African American man— who had a dream and vision to open his own restaurant.
I am driven and motivated to excel by people who are what I call “Eagles.” Eagles spot their prey from a significant distance when they are flying always keeping their eyes on their goasl. We need poositive energy and motivation in a world where negative news, toxic relationships, cynical opinions are pervasive daily.
I want to encourage all of you to keep your eye on your goals. Don’t let minor setbacks discourage you. Sometimes God actually redirects your steps to take you higher. I have noticed when I have a delay sometimes, I am learning other things. It’s like having spiritual “clear eyes.”

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