Death of 2 presumed homeless men attributed to cold temperatures

A graphic depicting a person in a bed with a roof over their head.

Photo courtesy of DHS.

According to NBC 4, two men, identified as homeless were found in downtown D.C. on Nov. 13, leaving officials speculating if the frigid temperatures, which was in the 20s, was to blame. The bodies of the two men were found two blocks away from each other, with one man, a 79-year-old, found on 13th St and Pennsylvania Ave and the other man found under the overhang of an office building at 13th and F Street. A Hypothermia Alert from the Department of Human Services was issued in response to inclement weather. “We urge the community to help us protect neighbors experiencing homelessnes during the cold winter months by calling 311 or 202-399-7093 to request transport to shelter, wellness checks or warming items when someone asks for or appears in need of assistance,” DHS said in a statement.  

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