Dealing with my mental health

Photo of a black woman holding a camera in front of her face as she takes a photo.

Photo courtesy of Pexels.

When my oldest child called me earlier this year, after not seeing each other for 21 years, I had a lot of emotions thinking about what happened to me. 

I aged out of foster care at 21 into my first episode of homelessness. I’ve been dealing with my mental health for a long time. Most of my life. 

I lived an unhealthy lifestyle. And I started thinking to myself that I could do better for myself if I just started eating right and exercising. I want to be there for my seven children from this day forward. 

Street Sense Media helped me become who I am today: an advocate, a photographer, an artist. They gave me opportunity when nobody else would. They always lift me up and encourage me, even when I have been misunderstood.  

Thank you for reading my work, enjoying my photos and helping me become an active member of this community. I love you all. 

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