David Denny is missed

Photos of Dan Hooks, David Denny, and Shernell Thomas with a single candle lit in memorial.

A memorial for Dan Hooks, David Denny, and Shernell Thomas, all Street Sense Media vendors who passed away recently, held at the Church of Epiphany on June 3. Photo by Sage Levy

We miss him for vendor training, motivation, inspiration, wisdom and his inclusion of and respect for all.

We remember him for his heartfelt sincerity and his melodic poetry that  he recited with passionate beauty.

Church of the Epiphany rector Reverend Glenna Huber speaking. Photo by Sage Levy

He led by example: never complaining about his personal battles, obstacles, or gripes. We performed together many times at Georgetown University’s student and community outreach programs.

He is one of my heroes. He understood the war to survive without open, designated, immediately available housing, healthcare, and comprehensive wraparound services. David carried a lot of trauma and emotional and physical pain no human being should have to carry. But he did not let that agony carry him. He steered his ship with the resilience of survival, the joy and happiness to be alive and free,  a cool, calming humbleness, and a sharing, caring, non-judgmental heart. 

Street Sense Media Vendor John Littlejohn speaking. Photo by Sage Levy

His ship, the U.S.S. Denny, will always be here and anchored within all of us at the port of Street Sense Media, housed and homed at Church of the Epiphany in Washington, D.C., capital of the United States of America.

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May the winds and seas be ever peaceful for you, David Denny. Rest in peace, for you are with the Lord and free!

Street Sense Media Vendor Queenie Featherstone speaking. Photo by Sage Levy
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