DC is winning

A person sleeping on the sidewalk.

Vincent Aguerre/Flickr

I be messed up
D.C. is winning

I’m so depressed
I’m so drunk
So lonely
Cup half full
Not half empty

What’s up D.C.?
You’re winning
I was wrong about you

Yes, I’m still confused
Tired of getting
Done wrong
Tired as hell
Just trying
to get more drunk
Fed up
Mad at the world
Just praying to God
Looking for answers
Where there are none

Broke as hell

Trying to make a buck
Trying to ease my mind
Trying to have a good time
Trying not to get locked up

Tired of throwing my money
Down the drain
And tired of being lied to
And played like a fool

I’m actually quite intelligent
You’re the dumb ones

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