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Graphic by Bruna Costa

I want to introduce my vision plan to help D.C. youth, called “Community Mentors.”

We plan to provide services to the eight wards that encompass Washington, D.C. A team of professional and licensed counselors, therapists, social workers and mentors trained in the field of psychology, substance abuse and life experience in general, will assist parents and guardians and help youth in avoiding traps that lead to substance abuse and mental health instability. 

Mentors will be available to disseminate information to recreation centers throughout D.C. including community centers, schools and churches. A plethora of learning material and educational experiences will be provided, along with innovative activities such as workshops teaching life skills, coping with emotions, stress management, anger management and communication skills will be incorporated in the program.

Our vision is to bring awareness to the many problems our youth might be facing due to mental, emotional, environmental and family disarray. The heart of the program is about learning different mechanisms that will be beneficial to our youth, parents and the citizens of D.C. When such issues arise with our youth, it’s about learning how to find alternative ways that are positive when faced with circumstances of adversity. People who have knowledge and information can make decisions that are advantageous to their development and growth. In other words, knowledge is power.

“Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it.” — William Durant, American philosopher.

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