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I’ve been rotating my Shooter brand sweatpants given to me by one of my supporters. We got to know one another when he started donating my shoe size when my usual spots stopped carrying my size. I had a pretty fly wardrobe being homeless up until that point. I used to always carry around a change of clothes and clean underwear when I was on the streets. Friendship Place offered brand spanking new underclothes every Monday. The schedule has changed since then.

I had a storage bin I would keep all of my acquired and accumulated clothes and belongings in. I would go and wash clothes at different spots around town. I started out in Suitland near my storage bin. Later, I gradually took to saving myself the trip out to Maryland by washing in the city. The last spot I would frequent a lot was the Park laundromat, close to the D.C., Silver Spring borderline. That was the spot where they got me for my clothes one day. They had me stuck in strictly one pair of used sweats in replacement. I was in shock! There were other occasions where my stashed bags would come up missing until eventually all I had left was whatever was left in my storage bin.

By the time I got housed, they didn’t fit quite the same anymore so I ended up donating those jeans and stuff too. I was clearly outstanding in my wardrobe and dressed pretty acceptably for being a homeless guy. For that, I’m thankful. I’ve even noticed the new HBCU collegiate line by Ralph Lauren has just come out and I’m wondering if we’ll get an SCSU version? It’s funny how I started my college career with the urban wear of HBCUs as well as local fashion brands such as long-standing DDTP World and Rugged Wear. I got to meet the owner back when I was researching as a would-be illustrator and designer with my poetry.


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