Changes can bring happiness or conflict

Depending on the perceptions and opinions of individuals, changes can bring happiness or conflict. How the change is communicated and implemented is important. Coworkers and families can consistently have problems with communication due to simple things like: lack of proper email etiquette, text etiquette or verbal etiquette.

There are ever changing rules about what should and should not be communicated. These rules extend to when and how to communicate. All of these actions cause hostility when they are misinterpreted. Miscommunication can invoke a wide range of emotions such as blame, shame and hostility. The best solution to this issue is to set standards to ensure that everyone fully understands them. It takes time to change bad habits. Reward systems can be set up to encourage better behaviors.

But implementing a new communication plan can have varied outcomes. First, there can be a complete rejection of the change. If this occurs, a discipline system also needs to be placed in effect. The next outcome is lowered negative reactions and a higher level of understanding and perspective. The last outcome is mixed reactions because of differences in age, education, and experience. New relationships will be more accepting of the new standards because the relationship is completely new to them already. Long-established relationships will be less inclined to conform to the changes because they may be already accustomed to pre-existing norms.

When implementing the new system to an abrasive crowd, it should be made practical and relatable for them so that it is easier to accept. But this is a critical area that should not be taken softly. Even a joke that would be acceptable and enjoyable on most occasions is inappropriate, and likely to be ill received when the recipient has just received bad news or experienced a death. Empathy can help make the transition easier for them.

Many people see themselves as effective communicators and rate others based on their own communicative performances. Most do not realize this fact because they are not receiving the proper feedback necessary for growth and improvement. A good start is to maintain regular self assessments based on positive and negative interactions and accept accountability for one’s own actions. This is beneficial to both the speaker and listener. The review is beneficial for improved engagements and stronger relationship retention.

Every communication should be in an effort to teach or inform. Berating in any form is counter productive. There is no solution or resolution provided for the situation. Well crafted communicators should be able to communicate negative emotions such as displeasure and frustration in an effective manner. Developing effective communication skills creates better leaders, parents, successful children and a more productive workforce.

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