Can You Take A Look!?

Image of a homeless man sleeping on the street.

Gilbert Mercier/ Flickr

When you leave your home in the morning or evening, when you start your day, have you ever noticed what kind of day it will be? You always notice the sun, the clouds, but have you ever noticed the one person or the many people that are always at the corner standing there asking for your help? I bet you didn’t even look their way on even look them in the face!?

In our society we tend to look the other way, not all of us, just the few, and that few are too many! We look and focus on the material things that we have and what we don’t need, but we still are trying to attain them! But why? Remember, you can’t take the material things with you! Did you know that?

In the next life, they will not accept material things and that is a true fact. P.S. check with any person or a good friend, I hope they tell you the truth. In fact come to the corner of Connecticut Ave and L St., N.W., and I will give you the truth about the next life if need be!!! Can you take a look and be “concerned for others”?

I will show concern for all in our society: rich or poor, young and old, and why not!? Can you take a look at what you are passing on to our future generation? When it comes to “concern for others,” this is taught in the home and in our places of worship! It is also passed on from generation to generation! Can you take a look at our future generations? Or yourself? Is concern for others in your home? Or your place of worship or do they just talk about it on the seventh day?

We have a new Pope. He said, “be concerned for others, at all times!” This is a common man, a holy man, from what I learn of him, he seems to be a person of the Touching of the Father, no riches, no places, no Pope mobile devices, and most of all, no gold rings, as most Popes have had in the past! This Pope is so concerned about others, he walks among the common people as his teacher did in the past, we all know who that was! And if you don’t know who he was, you need to go to the House of Worship or get the greatest book that was ever written!

He once walked this Earth, now he walks with the new Pope, they both are reaching out to their flock, showing concern for all his followers and concern for those who don’t follow his teaching! Remember, we are our brother’s keeper.

Can you take a look, and pass this on, we all must be concerned for others, and I hope we all take responsibility for teaching the future generations these key.

Can you take a life lesson, please try it out! In our society we always have “tolerance” for others. A smile, a prayer, or even a helping hand, this is called “concern for others.” Taking responsibility for an act of kindness! Love God, love yourself, and share some love!

Bless you all
P.S. Smile

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