Being vaccinated

Photo of simulated COVID-19 vaccines with injection needles ready to vaccinate people.

Image by torstensimon from Pixabay

I’ve been fully vaccinated since April 14. Most of my colleagues from Street Sense Media are fully vaccinated or have gotten one shot and are waiting for their final shot. 

Being vaccinated doesn’t entirely eliminate your possibility of getting the virus. But the COVID-19 vaccines seem to be even more effective than the flu shot (though there are many differences between the two viruses).

And both the COVID-19 and flu shots minimize how bad the virus is if you do get it, keeping you out of the hospital and avoiding phenomenal hospital bills if you survive.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to get a COVID-19 shot. Regardless of whether you’re homeless or not homeless. Let’s all keep each other safe!

I want to give a huge thank you to all of my readers for the donations during the shutdown caused by this pandemic! It has given me a lot of hope and I feel loved by many people that have brought the paper from me or to other vendors. 

Street Sense Media is home for many vendors! Thank you again.

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