Be careful how you treat your guests

Once upon a time, I was in Planet Fitness Gym on New York Avenue sitting at a table reading a newspaper when a old man wanted to sit next to me when there were two other tables that were vacant. I was in a bad mood and didn’t want to be bothered. I wanted to be alone.
So I told the old guy, “please don’t sit here, there are other tables you can sit at.” Then I thought about it and I said to myself that this person might be a angel of God.
We as good people should be careful how we treat the people who are poor and homeless, because they could be the angels of God.
So, I caught myself and invited him over to sit with me and then I ask him to have a cup of coffee at Mama’s Organic on New York Avenue. We went to Mama’s Organic and I treated him to a hot cocoa and a veggie sandwich.
When I told him I was studying for my GED, he said that he used to be a school teacher. He said that he could help me, so we exchanged cell phone numbers after we ate and we departed. To this day, I believe this man was a angel of God.

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