Ask Yourself: What Have I Done Lately?

a photo of a man experiencing homelessness.

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He once walked this earth. He was homeless. In fact, he was stoned once on a corner. Only one person helped him! Was that you?A homeless man carried a cross for half a mile. He was laughed at, cursed at, spit on and stoned. Only a few, during that half-mile walk, cried out with their hands out to help him. Some came to him to carry that cross. Some wet his head, their hands out to him to clean the blood running down his body! He was carrying the burden of the homeless of the world! You were in that crowd of watchers. What did you do? Now you see his image in 2013, carrying bags, pushing a shopping cart with all his worldly belongings, bedded down near a bank or a money machine, sleeping on the sidewalks of America as you walk by. Yes, these are God’s children. They are carrying the burden of the homeless on that half mile walk!Ask yourself. Where am I in that crowd of watchers? Did I reach out to help? Or did I just look the other way? Remember — you could be walking that half mile. No one is exempt from that walk! Did I come forward to help? This is 2013 and he is still walking that half mile with his children! Ask yourself. What have I done lately? Or now? Love God, love yourself and share some love. Bless you all.

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.