A tented voice

I’m yelling and nobody hear me
Voices walking pass me but nobody helping me
How can I escape living under this bridge
Will the government help me or will I die in
this tent
I know I can help myself but I don’t have the strength
Year of sleeping over heat vent gave me bronchitis
And all the time I breath in asbestos
And mold
Will I die or will my story ever be told
Mayor Bowser help me three term in the election
Dying without dignity of getting a home a home
Body spread from infection
I’m curious to know how you got the votes for mayor
If I was the leading lady them tents wouldn’t be there
Yeah, I know I can talk until I’m hoarse
I may not vote but I still have a tented voice

Issues |Elections|Health, Physical|Housing|Living Unsheltered|Political commentary

Region |Washington DC

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.