A poet’s education

It was a time of protest in the District in 1996. I again gravitated to the school newspaper, The Trilogy, where I became the poetry editor.

The school’s welcome at that time was impressive in that during orientation, we had a trivia battle between squads with hopes of a trip to Florida for the finals. I’d say we did pretty good considering we were a makeshift team assembled on the spot!

We were the leftovers so to speak. We had a nice run up until I, unfortunately, dropped the ball when the answer of Tom Clancy got stuck in my mind. I fumbled in discombobulation as I tried to wait for the for sure answer to do just that, answer. The whole time it was me minus the for sure answer. So, we lost it on that account. But still, it was a pretty fun experience that’s stuck with me all of these years.

Can’t say that my career took off from there but I did pick up those memories and quenched my desire for photography, advertising and mass communication, as well as the newly acquired title of poetry editor!

Oh yeah, as the editor of poetry, I ended up publishing my mother’s poem along with runner-up winner Joy Brown’s poem titled “Ebony Rose!” I don’t recall the title of my mother’s poem. Just that she wasn’t even a student.

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