A Letter to My Daughter

Eric Falquero

Most Beautiful and Beloved Daughter, Samoya,

How are you today? I hope you are happy to get this letter from your daddy. 

I hope you read it more than one time. Read it with your mother and show it to your teachers. 

I care about you and I love you very much. 

I want us to go out together.  

I want you to ask your teacher some questions, like, “How is glass made?” 

Or, “What is a telescope?” 

I want you to ask questions always and learn how to make things. 

I would like to buy you a pot, so you can put a seed in it and watch it grow into a plant and ask daddy, “How does that plant grow?” 

I would like to buy you a bird, so it can wake you up with its songs. You can call the bird Happy. 

I would like to buy you a fish tank, so you can ask your daddy, “How does it breathe in water?” The fish, I mean. 

I would like to go to church with you so we can ask Jesus to help us to be a happy family. 

I would like us to use a telescope to look at the stars and you can ask daddy, “How do the stars stay in the sky without falling?” 

I will ask your mother to buy you a computer tablet. But you must not put pictures of yourself dancing on the computer. It is only for learning and music and school work. 

Do not be mad at me because my heart hurts every time I think of how much more I can do to show you I love you and I want you to be the best. 

If you have a clear conscience – by always telling the truth – you will always be full of joy and happiness. 

I look forward to visiting gardens with you and showing the names of the different flowers and asking which one you like best and why. 

Till I see you again, work hard in school, be smarter and stronger than the boys, listen to your teachers and don’t take candy from strangers. 

May the Lord, God, bless you and make you strong, wise, and healthy. 

Your loving father,
Moyo Onibuje 

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