A legend, and the heir to the throne

A picture of Kobe Bryant standing next to his daughter Gigi Bryant.

Kobe and Gianna Bryant. Photo courtesy of @vanessabryant/Instagram

I’ve been an LA Lakers family member since 1979 when Magic Johnson came to the team from Michigan State. So they’re my team and they’re like family. When they win, my family wins, and when they lose, my family loses. 

Kobe Bryant was a legend, the best player to ever play. (Mind you, I’m an LA Laker family member for life. I bleed purple and gold.) I’m still in shock that he’s gone. 

Honestly, I think the Federal Aviation Administration, the pilot, and Kobe himself all dropped the ball. And Kobe knows better.

The bottom line is the FAA should never have approved the flight. They’ve got people’s lives in their hands and that’s way too much power for anyone who would approve Kobe’s flight when they were grounding the LAPD. 

But the pilot could have chosen to turn around, too. His job is to make sure people get from point A to point B. And he made a fateful decision. And there’s enough tech out there for someone of Kobe’s wealth that the pilot should have been very informed about the conditions. 

Then, coming back to the legend himself. When you become a parent, you have one job on the planet: to take care of your family and protect and raise your kids. No one could have known this would happen — it’s an absolute tragedy and my heart goes out for his family. But everyone could have proceeded with more caution.  

I have four daughters that I love to death and I’m going to try and slow down myself. Though you know I’m not a fly guy unless we’re talking about clothes.  

Tell your families, friends, and animals that you love them. Often. God bless 

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