A Day in the Life: Vendor Joseph Walker

“Customers are important. Without the customers there wouldn’t be Street Sense.” All photos courtesy of Joseph Walker

6:30 am: I wake up and sell at 15 & K. I catch the early morning rush . . . you never know who you will run in to.  

7 am: sell.  

8 am: sell.  

9 am: sell. 

Joseph sells papers to friendly customers around 15th and K streets. Though people are often busy during the morning rush, customers sometimes stop to say “hi” and chat with the vendors.

10 am: The morning crowd disperses and I get something to eat at a restaurant. I wait for the lunch crowd.  

11 am: On certain days, I look for jobs at newspapers, stores, restaurants, office buildings … whoever is hiring.  

“I was trying to find something exciting and different. I wanted to go to the aquarium but it cost money so I went to the Natural History Museum. If I go to the museum it’s usually on my day off . . . The fishes are so funny. The blue fish got in front of the camera like he wanted to have his picture taken.”

2 pm: sell. 

 3 pm: sell.  

4 pm: sell.  

5 pm: sell.  

6 pm: sell.  

7 pm: Quitting time. 


“Aside from selling Street Sense, I want to create movies, videos and picture collages. That’s my goal . . . for the future, to get me off the streets.”
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